Meet my new best friend, Red White and Blue Juice from This juice is so delicious that it almost can’t be communicated. You have got to try this juice! The combination of watermelon, blueberries and greens is fantastic. I think it calls for chard, but I had a huge bag of collard greens that I subbed in and it was incredibly tasty.

Today is day 12 of the cleanse. My energy level is much better and I really could go on forever eating like this… The social aspect of it is the most difficult thing. I miss eating out with my friends. They invited me out for Mexican food yesterday and said that I could bring my juice with me. Can you imagine? Eleven days without food and I’m supposed to sit at a table surrounded by the smells of beans, rice and warm tortillas… I’ve heard of people doing just that, but they must be much stronger than I am.

On a happier note: I’ve been receiving messages from many friends telling me that I’ve inspired them to get healthy! I was so pleased to hear from two different people from high school and some others who live in different states. I’ve been sending tips and referrals via Facebook instant message. What fun!

A lot of people have asked where to go for a program or for recipes. The best place is Reboot with Joe. It is one of the most well planned websites that I’ve seen. He includes recipes, tips, motivational stories, forums, and his own personal story. I talk more about that here. If you haven’t watched his documentary, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, please do yourself a favor and watch it now! This film is miraculous and a labor of love. Watch this movie and discover what fruits and vegetables can do for many, many health problems.

For recipes, I also love Organic Avenue. This site was started by a lovely lady named Denise Mari who lives in New York City. After a traumatic childhood in which she lost her baby sister and mother to cancer, she began learning about nutrition and found out about the dramatic health results that are achieved from juicing. She started juicing for herself and making the juice for friends. This became a home business where she prepared the fresh cold-pressed juice and delivered it around Manhattan. Today, she has 12 locations and just opened a Bed and Cleanse in the Hamptons.


I also want to mention that organic is the way to go with a juice cleanse. Not only are the fruits and vegetables free from pesticide and other chemicals, but they are about 40 percent higher in vitamins and minerals. You might argue and say that you can’t afford the extra expense but ask yourself if you can afford cancer treatment or diabetes medications? We have to invest more in our own health. Health care starts at home. If you truly can’t afford to buy everything organic then stick to buying the dirty dozen from the organic section.

Most of my produce has been organic on this journey but yesterday I grabbed some nectarines at the grocery store. I forgot to make sure they were organic and headed home to make some juice. I combined the nectarines with organic celery, organic cucumbers and organic kale. After drinking the juice, I started getting a headache that lasted the rest of the night. I truly believe that the headache was caused by the pesticide on the fruit. After consulting the dirty dozen list, I found out that nectarines are one of the most highly sprayed fruits. I should have at least put them through a nature fruit wash in the sink. Lesson learned.

Have you watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead yet?