We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired VegWorld Magazine. VegWorld Magazine is the world’s first digital interactive vegan magazine designed especially for tablets – but available on all devices. Much of our exciting new content is now accessible simply by visiting VegWorldMag.com.

Many of our most popular features, such as the Vegan World Events Calendar, are now available on the VegWorld website. We will be publishing interviews with the plant-based world’s leading experts, along with thought-provoking opinion columns from our talented staff of contributors. Delicious vegan recipes from celebrity chefs will also be on the menu! Please check us out and send us your feedback via email or social media by using the links on our newly updated VegWorld Magazine website. Click the link below to explore free online content and to find out how to subscribe.

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Welcome to The Vegan Voice!

The Vegan Voice was created to encourage vegans to spread the message of veganism with joy. We believe in social change through positive activism. Simple, small, daily actions can make an important difference. Large scale activism is great, but micro-activism matters too. All real societal shifts have relied upon both.That is what this website is about, encouraging positive change even in the most ordinary ways. Please share your ideas with us. Send your suggestions to us or add your face to The People Project.

The Vegan People Project

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Together, we can make a difference. One instrument alone may make beautiful music, but our voices combined can be an instrument of world change. Let us all work together and make the world a healthier and more compassionate place. Let your voice be heard!

Voices Of Veganism | Dedicated to your testimonials

We all have a story about how or why we became vegan and often about how veganism has enriched or changed our life. If you’d like to share your story please send us a personal essay – with a photo and links if you like. It may be as long or short as you choose. This is your platform. Shine on vegans! Send your story to veganvoice@gmail.com