Our food page needs a new look, and with all the talented vegan chefs and photographers out there we thought it would be fun to see what you can bring to the table. The winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card via email. Amazon has a great selection of vegan products to choose from these days so it was our natural choice.

The format of the page will stay the same, but we want to replace the banner photo at the top and the bowl of asparagus to the right of our restaurant recommendations. Maybe even the icon box with the tomatoes. So we need one long photo for the top and a square one to go next to the text. An icon image is optional.

The food must be vegan and look delicious. Which is why we don’t love the top image we have now. There may be cream in that chowder for all we know, and it looks a little dated. We want fun and modern. Food may be cooked or raw, but we are trying to avoid photos of just plain raw fruit or veggies. If we wanted those we’d just choose from the multitude of stock images available online. 

The person who sends us the photo combo that we choose as our winner will also get photo credit on the page. Send entries to veganvoice@gmail.com with the word “contest” in the header. The contest will last until October 16th and the winner will be announced by October 20th.