So it seems that to many of my non vegan friends I sound like a “preacher” and I am trying to dictate or lecture them on how to live.

About hundred years ago human slavery was the norm and whoever talked against it was pointed fingers at and thought as crazy. They were accused as preachers who were trying to change the way people were accustomed to live.

I really don’t care how you choose to live. You can have tattoos all over your body, have a thousand lovers, shave your head, and basically do whatever you like to do. But sorry, when your actions and way of living unnecessarily causes the murders of billions of animals every year and has huge negative impact on the planet and the environment, I will speak up. Murdering our innocent friends and destroying our pOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlanet is just wrong and people need to hear it.

I would feel like a hypocrite not sharing what I know, I think we should all stand up for injustices and abuses in this world. Animals are not THINGS, just like you they feel and love, they love their parents, their children, their siblings and friends just like you do. Have mercy on them.

Guest blog by Ladan V Cheybani