We just watched the documentary film The End of The Line. It was an in depth look at the consequences of over fishing to our oceans and world. It was an excellent film. Definitely worth watching. There was one thing that troubled me about the film and I have seen it time and again. When they talk about what can be done to prevent the devastation that commercial fishing causes, the film advises how to choose fish that have the least problems. Perhaps line caught and non threatened species would be a better choice, it suggests. What it doesn’t suggest is not to eat fish at all. Not one mention of vegetarian or vegan diets as a possible solution. As a matter of fact when it comes to animal agriculture – be it fishing, or factory farming, be it the environmental damage, or the devastating health and economic consequences to our society – the best, most effective, most complete solution is always switching to a vegan diet. Granted at this time most people won’t do that, but why not at least say it, put it out there, give it as an option. Let it sink into the collective consciousness so that someday it is acknowledged as the logical choice that it is by more people.

I’m not singling out this film. We watched The Cove and Food, Inc, and numerous other documentaries in the last few years that all had the chance to offer eliminating animal products as a solution but did not. All were otherwise excellent films. Why won’t they say it? Most likely they don’t know it or practice it. If they do, then they either don’t think people will do it or don’t want to get sued. That means it’s up to us. We need to say something when these issues come up. We need to promote veganism as the solution that it is: the solution to over fishing, factory farming, the health crisis, animal cruelty, environmental destruction. When you see a film like this you also have an opportunity to educate the filmmakers. Write to them and tell them how important their work is and how offering a stronger solution might even make a greater impact. Let them know that you are a vegan and it’s easy. Maybe send them a book along with the letter.

I also just watched an Oprah episode on the diabetes epidemic. I like Oprah. She’s featured several vegan guests in the past and really wants to help people in general. Unfortunately, they featured a recipe for “healthy fried chicken” as an example of improved eating. Most diabetics die of heart disease. Animal foods cooked differently are not the answer for them. So, when I run my errands today I will take Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes and leave it on the book cart at our local hospital. I don’t have millions of viewers and maybe I won’t solve the health crisis, but if one person who needs the message picks it up, maybe it will make a difference for them. At least I’m putting it out there. It’s up to us to do what we can. Read, write, share. We’ll get the message out.

Just keep trying.