Instead of treating yourself to a Friday lunch at your favorite place, why not bag a lunch and donate the money you would have spent on going out? The money that you were going to spend on lunch may not seem like a lot to you, but could help VINE buy hay, birdseed, grains, and greens for chickens, cows, ducks, sheep, geese, turkeys, pigeons, doves, and emus rescued from abuse and neglect. Nearly 500 animals live at VINE, and all of them need breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

We are asking you to get together with your friends, family, co-workers or classmates to collectively give your lunch money to VINE on Fridays. You could do this once or, even better, make it a “first Friday” tradition every month. Encourage people in your community, office and /or school to do the same by joining you for VINE Friday Lunch!

This is a fun way you can make a difference right from where you are. You get to decide the details. Will you eat together inside or outside? Will it be a pot-luck or will everybody brown-bag it? If this will be a regular lunch date, will you always meet in the same place or will you move around for variety?

Not up for organizing an event? That’s OK. You can have Friday Lunch with VINE anyway! Just brown bag it (or use a groovy lunch box like ours) on Friday and send the money to save to VINE. You can do this once, every Friday for a month, one Friday every month or every Friday.

VINE Friday Lunch To do list
1. Pick a date: decide when you want to give your lunch money to VINE
2. Contact VINE for brochures to share with your lunch-mates
3. Decide if you are collectively bagging your lunch or having a pot luck(*) event.
4. Choose a place to meet up with your lunch-mates.
5. Decide who to invite.
6. Invite them!
7. Have fun at lunch. Enjoy your lunch-mates’ thanks for organizing such a fun get-together.
8. Collect donations—all participants can decide for themselves what they would have spent on lunch, though of course anybody who wants to donate more should feel free to do so!
9. Send in the donations to VINE by check or via PayPal.
10. Feel good, knowing that you have helped to feed the animals at VINE.

*If yours will be a workplace or on campus lunch, it may be a good idea to plan to bring in a pot luck meal. If people don’t have time to pack a lunch, bring a lunch for them. Pick something easy that you like to cook that feeds a lot of people such as a crock pot of vegan chili or soup. You may want to make extra, so that you can invite anyone who passes by to join you.

Questions? Contact Jennifer at for any support you may need for this project!