After starting The People Project we realized that many vegans had a lot more to say than what we could fit beneath a photo, so we started a Facebook discussion thread on how being vegan has changed you. We were so moved by the responses that we decided to add a new section to our website with testimonials. Just short personal essays about how veganism has enriched or changed your life.  Please let us know if you are interested in contributing to this new feature. In addition to the faces of veganism as seen on The People Project we want to showcase the voices of veganism in your own words.

You might discuss how or why you became vegan. What has changed in your life since doing so, or how you yourself have changed as a result. Revelations and conclusions that occurred on your journey. Opposition or support you’ve encountered. Unexpected rewards along the way. New joys and pleasures. Insights, experiences, or awakenings. We will publish these as they come in, pending approval. As long as there is no inappropriate content (cursing will be turned into @#!* – otherwise almost anything is appropriate) The content will be unchanged other than minor editorial (grammar, spelling) corrections. We welcome a diversity of opinions and views but prefer to keep it positive. We want to inspire and enlighten and inform. We also want to dispel the inaccurate and negative images of vegans that continue to persist in some peoples minds. With your help we can do all of that.

Send your story to

If you have a blog, website, email address, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc., that you would like to share we can include a link at the bottom of your testimonial.

Many Thanks. Ed & Amanda