One of the things most helpful to new vegans is the way that transition foods help to ease our journey. The term transition foods refers to fake meats, such as veggie burgers, breakfast patties, and not dogs. These foods are helpful when entertaining omnivores, and useful as convenience foods during the shift to more healthful eating. For many vegans they are the mainstays of their diet. We don’t recommend this because they are still processed foods, but we definitely consider them superior alternatives to the animal products that they seek to emulate.

Many companies that offer vegetarian versions of these foods could easily veganize them by removing the eggs and dairy. The technology has long existed to do so, and why they haven’t yet chosen to is beyond me. Since veganism has been so prominently in the public eye of late, this may be the perfect time to encourage them to take that step.

Two companies that have a strong supermarket presence immediately come to mind: Morningstar Farms and Quorn. Both offer vegetarian convenience foods, and both are widely available in mainstream supermarkets throughout the US. Morningstar already offers several vegan products but many of its most popular items (such as the breakfast sausage patties) still contain animal ingredients. Quorn has eggs in almost all of their products and therefore loses any vegan market share, and therefore many vegan dollars that might otherwise go their way.

If we let them know that we are out here, and that they lose money every single day that these foods aren’t vegan, then maybe they will come around. They both have easy comment forms on their contact pages that are just waiting for the vegan landslide to push them over the edge.

Here are the links:

Morninstar Farms:

Go get ’em!