Social networks are an outstanding platform for promoting change when used correctly. Veganism is a particularly hot topic online, and it’s no wonder.  Mark Zuckerberg, of co-founder Facebook and Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, two of the most instrumental figures in the development of the modern cyberscape, are both vegan.  

Facebook is alive with vegan causes and campaigns and the Twitterverse is bursting with ways to educate others about veganism. Three Twitter hashtags opportunities immediately come to mind. #TWYE is a Twitter food diary used by dieters and foodies alike to share or track their consumption. #whatveganseat enables vegans to both educate and inspire by tweeting what’s on their plate and #youarewhatyoueat is a fun platform for both sarcasm, and philosophical observations on diet and society. Using these in your food related tweets when apropos is an effective way to get the V word out there and share the delicious diversity of plant based cuisine.

It’s also a good move to post any relevant vegan news stories on FB and Twitter. The more informed we are the better. The most powerful tool we have for promoting veganism is information. Sharing it with others, both vegans and omnis, provides more opportunity for continued dialogue, which is always a good thing.