We are re-inventing ourselves at The Vegan Voice. Getting a fresh new look isn’t the only change. We have removed some areas that were no longer needed because fortunately there have been many positive changes in the world of veganism since we began 5 years ago. The People Project will stay of course. We have over 250 members from all over the world. If you’re not one yet, please consider joining. It’s free and there are many benefits. The original intent was to let those isolated vegans out there know that they weren’t alone. When I became vegan I was the only vegan I knew. My friend Maria came along for the ride with me and it was awhile before we met any vegans besides ourselves, but we knew they were out there. That’s why we started The People Project. To show lonely vegans
like us that we weren’t the freaks their friends and famiies sometimes made them feel like – even if unintentionally. With the positive rapid growth of veganism, most folks know a vegan now so The People Project has morphed into a way to show the world what vegans are about: a snippet of who and why we are and a way to promote your vegan product or website if you have one. We now include links to your social media feeds and websites if you like.

We are also expanding the Personal Stories section. This is an important resource for people on their vegan journey and a way to reach out while reaching inside. We invite you to share yours. You never know whose life may be touched or changed by it.

Lastly, we want our blog to be more open and available. You don’t have to be a blogging pro or someone famous to do a guest blog. Although we do have some of those, we want your average vegan on the street to feel comfortable submitting a piece if they have something they want to say. The blog guidelines are pretty relaxed – any length is fine, short or long, just no profanity and make sure that it relates to veganism in some way.

We hope you like our new look, and we hope you join in the conversation. Whether it’s by joining The People Project, telling your Personal Story or submitting a guest blog. Feel free to contact us at VeganVoice@gmail.com and tell us how we’re doing too. We value you and your feedback.