When an award-winning teacher, author, plant-based lifestyle expert puts her mind to something, the results are nothing less than spectacular. That is Lani Muelrath and she knows her stuff.

After going through a plethora of diets that were carb-depriving and low-rewarding, Muelrath tapped into the joys of her youth. Her parents had a passion for home-grown fruits and vegetables. While going vegetarian worked, it didn’t help her lose the weight she wanted. Eating copious amounts of cheese isn’t a prescription for weight loss. Muelrath admits she was a hold out for dairy products.

A handful of life events converged and Muelrath’s comparentalized thinking about dairy eroded away and so did the excess weight when she adopted a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Muelrath tackles the stymied belief that one cannot lose weight once they get past 40. She did it and is healthier in her 60s than she was in her 40s. Tackling issues of hunger, “where do you get your protein?,” “what’s the deal about fiber?,” setting up your kitchen for success and menu planning with tasty recipes, Muelrath has got you covered. She shares challenges that she and others have experienced and provides excellent tips on how to deal with eating on the road, family events and social situations.

The Plant-Based Journey by Lani Muelrath

The Plant-Based Journey by Lani Muelrath

Rookie vegans and long-term vegans will find Lani Muelrath’s “The Plant-Based Journey” helpful and beneficial. The preface by Dr. T. Colin Campbell of “The China Study” and Dr. Howard Jacobsen, and a foreward by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine president and founder Dr. Neal Barnard prepares you to set out on your personal journey with Muelrath.

This isn’t just another vegan diet book. This complete road map includes balancing your life with mindfulness and physical exercise. The recipes are fulfilling. Tip: If you make the pumpkin muffins on page 189, make sure to bake a double batch. They are THAT good and you will want to share them.

Muelrath’s “The Plant-Based Journey” is a map to healthy eating. Whether you are going plant-based for your personal health, the health of animals or the planet, Muerlrath’s book will help you get there.