Well, the juice cleanse has reached its end. What a ride! I learned so much and lost 9 pounds in the process. I think what I learned the most was to be conscious of what I’m eating every day. That may sound too new-agey to some, but I really learned to think about what I’m putting in my body. I also learned patience over the last 14 days. I gained the insight that I don’t have to head to the refrigerator every time I feel slightly hungry. I also learned to be very, very grateful for all food… even plain, simple food like an unsalted tomato. Food is really delicious if you allow yourself to actually go a few hours without eating and then taste something when you experience true hunger.

I have learned what a deep, restful sleep you experience when you are completely off caffeine. There really isn’t anything like it. I wake up and feel completely rested and ready to start another day. I love the ritual of sipping a warm glass of water with lemon in the mornings and will definitely continue it. I’m still going to juice for breakfast, too. If you had told me 3 weeks ago that a glass of vegetable juice would fill me and sustain me for the whole morning, I would never have believed it.

Another plus from the juice cleanse is that I have no desire for desserts. I have battled a craving for sweets at night for as long as I can remember. I don’t even think about that now. I enjoy every bite of dinner and just feel full and grateful for actual food. I’m sure I will share a dessert on our vacation coming up, but there is no constant preoccupation with how I’m going to score some sugar after dinner.

Some more people have told me that they feel inspired to try juicing and I’m so excited about that. I will do another juice cleanse in 3 months. I will probably do a 3 or 5 day plan this time around now that I have really cleaned out my system. I have August 25th circled on my calendar. Let me know if you to do it, too!