I’ve made it a full week and am still going strong. There was a moment of wishing I could quit on Friday when my husband said, “Oh, come on… You don’t have to do this on the weekend. Let’s have a nice dinner together.” Visions of tacos and guacamole danced in my mind for about two full seconds before I remembered my commitment to myself and to you, my audience. Ha! So, it was a juice that I had for dinner instead of Mexican food.

I did switch up my normal recipe and try a new one from The Reboot with Joe Juice Book. Gazpacho Juice! It was amazing. It had tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, red bell peppers, onion, parsley, lime, salt and black pepper. It was amazing! It tasted like a fresh out of your garden V-8 Juice. What a nice treat for the weekend.


Saturday and Sunday I just took it easy and made fresh juices and took them to the park in an insulated lunch bag. It was so nice to be outside in the breeze, laying on a blanket and catching up on Vegan Health & Fitness magazine. By the way, there’s a really great article on Matthew Kenney in the May/June issue. If you don’t know who Matthew is, be sure and check out this video. He’s fantastic and has several really exciting restaurant projects happening soon!

So, I wanted to weigh myself since it’s been a week on this cleanse. I didn’t want to be fanatical and weigh every day but I did want to know about how much weight I lost in a week. I carefully approached my digital scale and hesitantly stepped on. What a pleasant surprise. I was exactly 7 pounds lighter. I can see why people really get into juicing. Once you gain momentum, it’s not that difficult and the results are incredible. My eyes and skin are already starting to respond. I wake up and feel really great. I hope other people will give it a go. Week 1 is now done!