Night before:

Hi! I’m Crystal and it’s the night before the first juice cleanse of my life. I have been thinking about doing this for some time. Sure, I’ve made juice in my juicer before, but I’ve never replaced every meal with this “liquid sunshine” called cold-pressed juice.

I’ve tried so many drastic things to lose weight in the past. I’ve taken fiber pills, diet pills, slim fast and Chitosan. I’ve been to Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, T.O.P.S. and Healthy Figures. I’ve done Atkins, South Beach, Body for Life and Fit for Life. You name it and I’ve probably done it but for some reason I feel really hopeful about this. I’ve been vegan for almost 3 years and it has really helped my health. I lost 28 pounds the first year and even though the weight loss has slowly tapered off, I know that a reboot is exactly what I need. Over the past couple of years, more and more processed food has inched into my diet. I learned that I could sneak some potato chips or vegan cookies here and there and not gain any weight. Of course this meant that I wasn’t losing any more weight either.

So tomorrow I will embark on a new type of journey. I will rise and sip a glass of warm water with lemon and then when I feel awake enough, I will make a fresh glass of Mean Green. I will consume nothing more than fruits and vegetables and water for 14 days. I am hopeful and I am ready. Wish me luck.

Monday, May 12, 2014

7am: I woke up today and a little voice inside whispered, “maybe today isn’t the right day to do this…” but I quickly pushed that defeatist thought aside and pulled some of the beautiful produce out of my refrigerator. That’s one great thing about buying a bunch of organic fruit and vegetables. You don’t want to waste any of it. I decided to start the juice cleanse with a batch of Mean Green Juice for good luck. That’s the juice that Joe Cross drank in the incredible documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. If it’s good enough for Joe, it’s good enough for me. So the recipe was 16 kale leaves, 2 cucumbers, 8 celery sticks, 4 apples, 1 lemon and a 2 inch piece of ginger. I have to say, it was absolutely delicious. It was filled with so many enzymes and nutrients it was like a blast of tangy energy. My scalp felt like it was filled with pins and needles… but in a good way. I promise. I saved all the veggie scraps and filled my pressure cooker with them plus 8 cups of water, 2 bay leaves, garlic, onions, oregano and thyme. In 10 minutes I was able to have organic vegetable broth to sip on later if I get hungry.

11am: It’s almost lunchtime and I’m feeling surprisingly good. There is a hint of hunger in my tummy but I’ve been sipping on water and the feeling isn’t bad at all. I really feel great. I’m going to make a Carrot Apple Ginger Juice for lunch and am pretty excited to taste it. All the carrot pulp is going to get saved in the freezer to make carrot cheese for salads after the cleanse. I learned about carrot cheese in the amazing book: Organic Avenue by Denise Mari. It feels good to know that the pulp from the juicing will have another purpose.

2:30pm: I feel the dull ache of a headache coming on… I probably should have transitioned off caffeine a little bit better than I did. At least I haven’t had coffee in a week. I’ve just been having chai tea in the mornings. I’m sipping on a cup of the veggie broth that I made. It’s pretty good but I sure would love to add some salt. I’m going to resist that urge and simply give thanks for the warmth that it gives.

6pm: I’ve had my dinner juice and cup of veggie broth. I’m actually am less tired than I usually am at this time. My head has a slight headache but I think it’ll be gone by tomorrow. I picked up some coconut water at the health food store and that should help, too. Joe Cross recommends drinking one serving of coconut water a day during a cleanse to help with electrolytes and potassium. I cleaned the juicer and actually spent much less time cleaning up after dinner than I usually do.

8pm: The headache has worsened and I feel chilled. I am going to bed early. I’m almost done with day 1 and am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week brings. I hope you’ll follow my journey and see what it holds. I’ll share some of the things that I learn and I’d love to hear from you if you’ve juiced before. Namaste.