It’s 2013 and 2.5% of Americans are vegan, 5% are vegetarian, 1% suffer from celiac disease, $12.5 billion is spent on kosher foods per year, and more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese.

Now, doesn’t it seem strange that the majority of vending machines still sell typical “junk food,” like fatty potato chips and powdered donuts?

A huge group of on-the-go snack consumers are being ignored.

This is why Nature’s Eats Vending was created. Nature’s Eats stocks ONLY vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and gluten-free products in vending machines in schools, office buildings, airports, gyms, and other public places.

Nature’s Eats is unique because they source the tastiest snacks targeting specific dietary restrictions and sell them at prices comparable to the unhealthy “junk food” you normally see in vending machines.

Best of all, their snack selections are clearly labeled for convenience. Vegetarian options are displayed on the top row, vegan options on the second row, gluten-free options on the third row, and kosher snacks on the fourth row. The fifth row carries healthy drinks, like water, coconut water, and all-natural fruit juice.

Since items are clearly marked and separated, there is no need to guess about which items contain what ingredients. Customers can quickly make a selection based on their dietary needs, pay with cash, credit card, or smartphone, and enjoy their snack!

As part of their mission, they want to ensure everyone has access to healthy snack choices, especially those in underserved communities. Their involvement with local organizations helps to feed the hungry and educate youth on the benefits of adopting healthy eating habits.

They have also launched a crowd funding campaign –

The money raised will be used to purchase vending machines and inventory. Donors will also receive great Nature’s Eats rewards. Now that’s an idea we can get behind!