We have the same breakfast every day when we are home, but since we travel so often we spend quite a bit of time on the road missing it.

Oddly enough, it started off as a kitchen experiment that I was certain was doomed to failure. Dr. Joel Fuhrman made a fruit smoothie with greens in his Secrets to Healthy Cooking DVD and I thought “That sounds horrible!” … so I decided to make one. Letting Ed and Benjamin be the unsuspecting guinea pigs of course. Not that I support animal experimentation, but since there was no electric shock involved… and it was a healthy experiment, I figured it was to their benefit. Right? Only (and this is the great thing about science) the experiment didn’t go at all as I had hypothesized it would. They actually liked it. Then I told them what was in it. Now we have it every day. It is an anticancer cocktail of sorts. I have modified the original recipe quite a bit and here is what it contains most days, though ingredients vary according to season and availability.

In a Vitamix (or other high power blender) combine the following:

1 frozen banana (peeled and very ripe)
1 small (16 oz) bottle of Pom (may use almond, oat, or soymilk if preferred)
You may also need to add a little extra water or other liquid if it seems too thick.
1 small (12 oz) bag of frozen fruit (usually, we use blueberries or mixed berries, but mango, cherries, or any fruit or combination of fruit will work, so use what you like)
As much Kale as you can stuff into the blender (or spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage… you get the idea)
2 TBS flaxseeds (we use whole flaxseeds, but if you don’t have a Vitamix machine, ground flaxseeds might work better in your blender)
We also add a dropper full of DHA Purity for extra Omega 3s.

Blend at high speed for about a minute or until completely liquified.
Serves 2 or 3.

Delicious, nutritious, totally addictive, and I promise you can’t even tell the greens are in there. This is by far my most requested recipe and not one person who has tried it hasn’t liked it, even those that tried it reluctantly. Although it’s usually better to tell them the ingredients after they taste it.