A guest blog by The Veggie People








My objective in writing this article is simply to say – especially to those of you who are currently transitioning to a vegan diet – that there is no one correct way to “be vegan.” So, relax, have fun, get out and try new things. Try vegan junk food or processed food. Try macrobiotic cuisine. Try raw vegan food. Try vegan superfoods. Try an intimate dinner for two at a swanky, gourmet vegan restaurant. Visit an animal sanctuary, or your local shelter. Volunteer at an organization that promotes vegan school lunches. Don’t worry about whether you should give away your leather coats right now. And don’t worry too much about whether there was any dairy in that bread you ate for lunch at the restaurant. After experimenting with the vegan diet and lifestyle, you will eventually make the choices that are right for you. And don’t think twice about what other people have to say about it. Give yourself the time to ease into the lifestyle, and to educate yourself about the things that are of greatest importance to you.

Here’s the great thing about becoming vegan. Whether your choice to adopt a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is motivated out of a concern for your health, the environment, or the animals – or whether you just think vegan food is too delicious to pass up – whether you’re an eco vegan, ethical vegan, glam vegan, celebrity vegan, gourmet vegan, junk food vegan, raw food vegan, power vegan, fitness vegan, or an all-round super-vegan, your choice is one that will get people to sit up, take notice, and start talking. And whether that is your intention or not, there is no question that this is a good thing for the vegan community and for the world at large. The more we talk to one another, the greater the likelihood that others will listen, and the greater the likelihood that we, as a community, will come up with solutions to create a kinder, better, healthier, happier, less violent, more prosperous world for animals and humans alike. And seriously, how bad would that be?

By the Veggie People, originally published at ThePeopleProject.com on Feb. 5,2013