132I became a vegan after watching Forks over Knives in October 2011. The film had an immediate impact on me. It deals mainly with the positive health aspects of eating a plant based diet. The studies having to do with animal food products and the correlation to cancer, diabetes and heart disease was definitely a motivating factor for me to begin my plant based diet. I want to live a long and healthful life. I will do anything I can to avoid heart disease and cancer…why wouldn’t anyone? We don’t have to die that way. Based on studies I have read, those diseases are not genetic…our family members before us died of those diseases because they ate the same way then that we do now…we probably eat worse actually.

I have also learned that eating a high fat, animal product-based diet can clog arteries which can be a leading cause of impotence. After only a couple of years of eating a plant based diet that part of my anatomy works like it did when I was 18…just ask Jackie!

Since becoming sober in 1989 I made a conscientious effort not to hurt/kill animals including bugs. I still ate meat, dairy and eggs up until 10.2011, but I drastically reduced my intake because I felt it was probably better for me. I didn’t want to know how horribly commercial animals were treated nor did I want to believe it. I’ve been fishing once in my adult life and realized and saw how painful it was for the fish. I didn’t like this and haven’t been fishing since. I love animals and I don’t want to be involved in anything that leads to or contributes to their suffering.

I am also a nature lover…trees, mountains, streams, flowers, animals, birds…recently a lover of icebergs…anything that has to do with being outside in nature I find an internal peace that I don’t find at any other time. Today I am vegan for the earth as well. Commercial animal production is more responsible for climate change than all cars, boats and planes combined. To produce 1 pound of corn it takes 108 gallons of water…a pound of beef nearly 2000 gallons!! To make more room for livestock to graze we cut down huge swaths of forest. Some people buy Tesla’s to do their part, I stopped eating animal products and am doing my part.

I share my experience with friends and others that are interested. If I know of someone suffering from one of the diseases attributed to an animal based diet I share a little of my experience and if they ask for it, I will happily and enthusiastically share more with them. I would love it if my loved ones didn’t have to suffer, have surgeries and shorten their time here on Earth because they don’t think they can make a change in what they eat…but I know it’s not my place to push someone into my way of thinking. The best I can do is to be an example to others and to be here for them if they need me.

Please share this post with your friends and if you are vegan, why don’t you tell us why…

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