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Many of our most popular features, such as the Vegan World Events Calendar, are now available on the VegWorld website. We will be publishing interviews with the plant-based world’s leading experts, along with thought-provoking opinion columns from our talented staff of contributors. Delicious vegan recipes from celebrity chefs will also be on the menu! Please check us out and send us your feedback via email or social media by using the links on our newly updated VegWorld Magazine website. Click the link below to explore free online content and to find out how to subscribe.

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Latest Posts | By Amanda

Breakfast Smoothie Nirvana

Delicious, nutritious, totally addictive, and I promise you can’t even tell the greens are in there.

Adopt a Doctor

Most doctors don’t know much about nutrition. A sad fact, but true nonetheless. One of the best ways to promote veganism is to educate them about the benefits of a vegan diet.

Start an Activist Avalanche

One of the things most helpful to new vegans is the way that transition foods help to ease our journey. The term transition foods refers to fake meats, such as veggie burgers, …
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Saying Thanks

Just a few years ago I didn’t know any vegans. As a matter of fact, when I became a vegan, I was the first vegan I ever knew.  My closest friend, Maria, became …
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Is History Repeating?

In preparing to attend the PCRM 25th Anniversary Gala this coming weekend in LA, I can’t help wondering: Does or can history really repeat itself?

Just think back to a …
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Big Wheel Keep on Turning

The Holistic Holiday at Sea (Taste of Health Cruise) was a great experience for us once again. This was our second time and we already plan to do it again …
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Why Won’t They Say It?

We just watched the documentary film The End of The Line. It was an in depth look at the consequences of over fishing to our oceans and world. It was …
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And the Oscar goes too…

Last night’s vegan Oscar party was a success. The four and a half vegans present managed to sufficiently wow the ten omnivores with our food and charm. Hopefully they agree. …
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Veganomics for Travelers

When we travel we try to always find out if there are local vegan eateries, and we often go out of our way to dine at them. We consider it …
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Bacon Onboard

We have just returned from an amazing trip to the Galapagos islands where we were constantly reminded of the fragility and power of nature. One of our great concerns on …
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